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Volume Shadow Copy & System Restore in Windows 7 & Vista

“What you should know about Volume Shadow Copy/System Restore in Windows 7 & Vista (FAQ)”

I found this blog post to be extremely insightful concerning the inner workings of Windows, as far as the Volume Shadow Copy and the system restore features go.  If you’re concerned with the privacy/security of the files on your Windows machine, this may be a good read for you.  Opening up various files includes the creation of separate temporary files and many bread crumbs.  Knowing exactly how Windows handles this data is paramount when working with financial, medical, and other private data, or corporate trade secrets.

It may be too deep for many people to even care about.  In any case, here’s the link.

via What you should know about Volume Shadow Copy/System Restore in Windows 7 & Vista (FAQ) | Trying To Be Helpful.


Your Worst-Case-Scenario PC Survival Kit

I thought this article was interesting–but especially this part of it:

“The entire body of human knowledge. Say what you will about Wikipedia as a research source–we still wouldn’t want to go into a survival situation without a few copies of, well, everything humanity has ever known. You can download various chunks of Wikipedia from its Database Download page, ranging from the articles only (5GB or so compressed, 25GB uncompressed) to the all-pages, all-revisions archive (31GB compressed, 5TB uncompressed). Unless the world ends over a Wikipedia flame war, you’re probably fine with the articles-only package. Just make sure you have the Edible Plants index page.”

via Your Worst-Case-Scenario PC Survival Kit – PCWorld.